Start up business plans are the cornerstone and differentiator between a business succeeding or failing! 

Start up business plans can be difficult to put together without the right tools and support however they are critical when you have found your idea that can change your life forever.

There is no fixed content for start up business plans but may include a strategy/direction for your products/services and target market, a business case to forecast the financial returns, identification of stakeholders in the business, an operational mode and critical success factors to measure how the business is progressing.
The start up business plans are the foundation for any new venture and will ultimately define success or failure for a business.

For example a key element within the start up business plans is the business case as this is a vehicle that banks or venture capitalist will need to assess if they are willing to provide you with any funding required to start up your business. The business case is also the mechanism by which your research you’re your concept or idea is validated against the market place in financial terms.

There is a vast array of knowledge required to from a wide range of business disciplines to compile the start up business plans; these include Finance, Management, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Sales, Operations and Human Resources. This site has put together as a resources to provide a start point for those needing to develop and build start up business plans.

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If you want to be your own boss it is paramount you validate any and ensure the greatest rate of success possible you need , this site has put together a comprehensive set of resources to help in increasing those chances.

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Our start up business plans need to show that the venture is a cash generating business that is fully sustainable. This site has been set up to provide guidance and direction to resources to enable you to generate your start up business plans and answers to such questions as:

• What is the company strategy?

How do I write a financial plan? And what controls do I need to manage and monitor it?

• How do I put together an operating model?

Even when your business venture is up and running it does not mean the start up business plans are discarded or no longer used. The start up business plans forms an important part of the ongoing processes to monitor and manage the progress of your business venture through to a successful conclusion.

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On going to keep your business competitive and moving forward there is a need to maintain, update and revise the start up business plans.