Mental wellbeing is pivotal in sustaining wellness in our everyday lives. To achieve this emotions, beliefs, values and activities must all be aligned.

Mental wellbeing is not something you have but something you do. The World Health Organization defines mental health as "a state of wellbeing in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community"

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Mental wellbeing starts with accepting who we are and valuing ourselves. This means:

• We care about our self and care for our self. Our first though is about loving our self and hate has no place. We look after the fundamentals to maintain our physical health such as eating well, sleeping well and exercising.

• We see your value in our own right. We deserve to exist and don’t have to earn that right.
• We measure our self against reasonable standards. We do not set impossible goals that we can never achieve then chastise our self if we don’t achieve them.
If we do not address imbalances in our mental wellbeing we may find that we become more and more distressed. The consequences of this could lead to the development of conditions such as Chronic Depression (Dysthymia) which can make everyday life activities such as going to work or maintaining a social life difficult.

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Associated with depression can be feelings of helplessness, worthlessness or hopelessness which act against any effort in building self confidence and esteem. There are however many strategies available to assist in redressing any imbalance in our mental wellbeing such as talk therapy, hypnotherapy and meditation.

Why do imbalances in our mental wellbeing occur in some people and not others?

We all grow up with different ideas of who we are and what life is and will be. These ideas are shaped by past experiences however as we are all individuals even if two people share the same experience they never see things in the same way.

Our ideas, views and beliefs are the basis for how we measure the success or failure in our life. We can be shocked if we discover that things aren't the way we thought they were and that we've made a serious error of judgement. This can come in many forms such as believing that only good would happen to us and then something bad did or we were going to spend the rest of our life with one special person and then that person died or left us.

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Whenever we discover we've made a serious error of judgement, we may start to doubt every judgement we've ever made which makes us feel very unsure of our self; these errors of judgement have a massive impact on our health and wellbeing.

To address mental wellbeing and distress we must make adjustments in our attitude on how we interpret results in a positive rather than a negative way. For example if we see ourselves as noteworthy and commendable rather than insignificant or worthlessness then when the chance for happiness presents itself we say to ourselves ‘I am meant to be happy’ and not ‘I am not meant to be happy.’

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Mental wellbeing therefore is not solely about the mind but may also include our ability to enjoy life and create a balance between life activities to achieve psychological resilience. It can also be defined as an expression of emotions and beliefs that signifies successful adaptation to a range of demands.

Achieving balance in our mental wellbeing is essential to reducing and managing stress and this provides a strong foundation for us to start or continue building self confidence and esteem.